Who We Are

OILPRO is a long-established Oil & Gas Group founded by its CEO, Manuela Di Guevara Fabbri, strong of over 30 years of expertise. Our network of offices and agents coversfive Continents. From crude oil to refined products or coal we provide the World’s most traded energy products as well as consulting and support services able to assist you from the production to the distribution.

OILPRO trades mainly as the titleholder or for and on behalf of third party buyers. Our deals range from spot to 20 years contracts. We strive to ensure seamless deals through a holistic, durable and long term oriented vision. We sell globally, mainly to end-buyers, with buyers ranging from Governments to leading international trading companies or major transportation Groups from airlines to cruise ships.

OILPRO’s Team of seasoned experts offers support services covering finance, extraction,logistics, storage and distribution problematics.

OILPRO does enjoy several Joint Venture agreements worldwide. They allow us to offer the best products and services to our buyersguaranteeing we deliver in full knowledge, understanding and control of the multiple international legislations and procedures we work under.

Quick Facts

  • OILPRO is a long-established Energy Company with Headquarters in Switzerland.
  • OILPRO has established networks and offices in Dubai, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Rotterdam and Singapore.
  • OILPRO SA is a company in the the global oil and gas trading and is lead and inspired by the founder and CEO, Ms. Manuela Di Guevara Fabbri.
  • OILPRO SA predominately acts as the title holder in most deals, be can facilitate a deal, particularly in the purchase of LNG.
  • OILPRO SA, sells directly to the global market, with clients including Government Buyers and International Trading Companies,
  • International Airlines and Transport Companies.
  • OILPRO SA, deals in SPOT contracts for some customers ranging to 20 year contracts for LNG for Government Buyers.
  • OILPRO SA, with its experienced team covers the distribution, storage and logistics of products extracted from the buyer.
  • OILPRO SA, is a Swiss company, supervised by respected experts in the field of oil, trading, finance and protection of development.

OILPRO Strives to understand your requirements from the moment we speak. Our aim is treat every client with respect, integrity, honesty and transparency while demonstrating a meticulous approach to understand your needs the first time and delivering on these needs.


We builds a long term and trusting relationship by standing beside you and not behind you. We consider you a partner for life and not a client. We are there to meet your requirements, at every step of your business and grow with your business along the way.

Customer Service

Our customer service is based around your needs, We hand pick the staff that will attend to your business and be there to monitor every aspect of our deliverablles and provide you the support requi red to achieve your requirements.

Our Mission

OILPRO seeks to be a commercially responsible provider of
Oil and Gas and to work directly with the buyers as titleholder
to ensure seamless transactions.

Our Vision

To extend our expertise, knowledge, experience and passion in what we do globally, while ensuring that governments, organisations, businesses and the people of the countries we deal in continue to grow and prosper by receiving equal level of service seen in international markets.


Our History

OILPRO SA is a company in the the global oil and gas trading and is lead and inspired by the founder and CEO, Ms. Manuela Di Guevara Fabbri.
Manuela di Guevara Fabbri is Chief Executive Officer of OILPRO SA, Switzerland. Based in Switzerland, she is overall responsible for the global business operations of the company as well as fully informed or participating on some level in every deal conducted by the OILPRO Team.
The Di Guevara family has long experience in the field of petroleum and gas. Manuela has been in oil and gas exploration and production since 1985, with over 25 years’ experience at the heart of her family-owned group and its subsidiaries.
Manuela is multi-lingual, has a wide range of interests and travels internationally on a regular basis.Our dedication and
commitment is to your organisational success, if you succeed, then we succeed.

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