Each country is unique, and with each country, the governmental requirements are also unique. We respect both local and federal governments, and ensure that we deal appropriately with every governmental department appropriately to ensure that we are not disrespecting their requests. We do this through the use of local consultants, interpretation services and nationals, whilerespecting cultural diversity and cultural differences at all times.


The Energy industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Whether there are sanctions in place or other political regulatory items at play, at OILPRO, we conduct our business practices with integrity and to the letter of the law, whether imposed by the government of the country we are dealing with or international regulations that are in effect. As a Swiss owned and operated company, we are always ensuring that we conduct our due diligence with all our dealings.


OILPRO believes in giving back to the countries we deal with. Whether this is through the employment of local consultants, or through investing back in to the country that we deal in. We will always aim to do this within reason. We want to expand our operations, and where permitted, we will endeavor to give back to the country and its people by setting up local offices and employ the locals to work with us, allowing us to give back to the government and its people.

Since 1985 and with over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the gas and oil field all over the world.

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