We offer a Variety of Products That Meets Your Expectation

OILPRO’s ERP system allows to match product’s offer and demand 24/7. We can therefore swiftly assist all parties involved to conduct transactions within a minimal timeframe. We offers a variety of products too long to extensively describe and list via such media but we’d like to here below present and describe those we trade the most :

Jet Fuel & Diesel

When a refined product is required, as opposed to crude oil, this may include products such as Diesel, Kerosene or Jet Fuel (A1 or JP54). We work diligently with our esteemed buyers to ensure we can provide them with the required product in the required quantity. We understand and respect that each refinery has its own set of procedures, and we keep a complete database of procedures so we are able to match the requesting parties with the refineries to obtain their deliveries within a timely fashion.

We make sure we understand and respect the requirements of all parties involved and remove the burden of the negotiations from the equation by ensuring the relevant information is made available for review ahead of all transactions.

Crude Oil & Other Products

We are often required to source Crude Oil or other products, such as urea, naphtha, coalor other by-products that are used within the industry.

We act with duediligence to only trade products we know and trust. Our aim is to minimise your negotiation time and burden as we understand all aspects of the transaction. from product sourcing to logistics or testing.


As there is a constant demand for LPG and LNG,OILPRO has several agreements with various producing countries’ refineries in Russia, Qatar, Australia, Pakistan and Malaysia. We work closely with both buyers and sellers to source the right product when requested or find the right buyer when products become available.

We Source the Best and Right Products

OILPRO works closely with both buyers and sellers to source the right product.

We have a Professional Team

OILPRO’s Team of seasoned experts offer a wide range of services covering finance, extraction, logistics,  storage and distribution problematics.

Since 1985 and with over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the gas and oil field all over the world.

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