OILPRO Team has a strong expierence for several years.

The OILPRO Team is strong of several hundred years of common expertise at the disposal of the Oil & Gas industry and its buyers. Our support services are organised as follows:


OILPRO must offer state-of-the-art services therefore must conduct thorough due diligence and compliance investigations ahead of all transactions. This expertise is made available as a consulting service to both our buyer and vendor contacts to ensure every single transaction we may assist is handled correctly while running smoothly.


We look forward to representing more refineries. Our network allows them an efficient commercial development in the dynamic and prosperous zones we are based in.


As the titleholder of many of the products it offers to its buyers, OILPRO is also responsible for organising the logistics supporting a safe and timely delivery. We extend this service to our clients, assisting them in their transactions. Sourcing the adequate logistic is paramount to the oil and gas supply chain and we are confident our expertise will be a valuable asset to your operations.

Since 1985 and with over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the gas and oil field all over the world.

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